If you know the cost of this dress worn by Upasana, you will be surprised..!

By iittm Editor September 11, 2023 12:05 PM IST

Mega Kodalu Upasana needs no special introduction. After recently giving birth to a baby girl, this cutie has become more busy with professional and personal matters while taking care of her baby Alana. Meanwhile, after the birth of her daughter, she went out with her husband Ram Charan for the first time. Recently, it is reported that she went abroad for a wedding ceremony. Currently, the related photos and videos are also becoming very viral on social media.

Everyone thought that recently the couple went abroad for some kind of vacation. However, Upasana herself disclosed this through social media that she went to the wedding. After going to a foreign country for the first time, the photos of them at the airport went viral and Upasana was seen in a very stylish look in those photos. She looked cool and stylish in a light pink dress with an embroidered jacket. Upasana’s dress is a panther cotton jacquard designed by Hailey Menzies.

Upasana looked very beautiful and beautiful in this. With this, everyone’s attention fell on the dress worn by Upasana. In this background, everyone is wondering how much it will cost. It seems that the cost of this dress worn by Upasana is Rs.42,317. Everyone is surprised to know that the cost of this dress, which looks very simple, is thousands of rupees.

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