If you go for a movie chance, you strip your clothes..!!

By iittm Editor October 23, 2022 2:49 PM IST

Those who seek opportunities in the film industry continue to face insults. Most people don’t have a red carpet welcome upon arrival. Only those with background get respect. A batch is also prepared to deceive those who come for the opportunity. Most of those who get cheated like this are girls. They thwart their hope and sexually assault them. But in a recent incident, a man was cheated strangely. A woman committed this fraud. Let’s find out about this strange story.


This incident took place in the state of Kerala. An actor used to dress up as a small boy. A director hoped that he would play the role of a hero in a good movie. With this, Manodu rushed forward without looking back. They asked me to sign the agreement on the first day of shooting. Actually, the actor who is in a daze signed without reading anything. With that, he was asked to go into the room for shooting. If Tira goes into that room, there is a girl half naked. When asked what this is, Chau Kaburu coldly said that it is a sex movie. The actor was afraid of this and said that I will not act. But they signed the agreement. They threatened to pay 5 lakh rupees if they did not act, otherwise they would kill them.

It was the actor who succumbed to their pressure and acted in that movie under the circumstances. Somehow he got out of there. With the help of his friends, he filed a complaint against the director of the film and registered a case in the police station saying that if the film is released, his reputation will be lost. But the OTT deal has also been fixed for this movie. With this, the actor’s heart is pounding. However, the tribe is trying to stop this movie. So the men looking for opportunity are beakerful.


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