I proposed to Lavanya.. Varun Tej told his love story

By iittm Editor August 17, 2023 8:47 PM IST

It is known that Mega Prince Varun Tej-Heroine Lavanya Tripathi got engaged recently. The couple is going to get married soon. But when did this couple fall in love. How did it happen? Who proposed to whom first? There are many questions in the minds of their fans. Recently, Varun answered some of those questions. What are those questions? Let’s see Varun’s answers.

Varun is currently busy with the promotions of ‘Gandhiwadhari Arjuna’. As a part of this, he is participating in a series of interviews. He talked about love and marriage. He told the truth that he himself proposed to Lavanya. He said she knows what she likes. What else did he say?

“We have been friends for almost five years. He is my best friend. He knows what I like. Our interests met and we got into a relationship. I proposed first. Both the families accepted our decision. “A wedding is as simple as an engagement,” he says. Varun Tej said that Lavanya gave him the phone he was using as a gift.

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