I didn’t think it would come out so soon.. Shakila is emotional

By iittm Editor September 18, 2023 8:52 AM IST

Bigg Boss season-7 which started as ulta pulta has completed two weeks. The second elimination took place this Sunday. In this elimination process, actress Shakila was eliminated from this season. Shivaji, Pallavi Prashant, Shakila, Tasty Teja, Gautam Krishna, Shobha, Amardeep and Rathika Rose were nominated in the second week, but Shivaji who achieved the feat became safe. In Sunday’s episode, while Tasty Teja and Shakila were in the nominations till the end, Nagarjuna announced that Tasty Teja was safe.

When Shakila got eliminated, all the housemates got emotional. After coming on the stage and talking to Nagarjuna, Shakila became emotional saying, ‘I didn’t think I would come out of the house so soon’. Nag.. Shakila shed tears when she showed her Bigg Boss journey. After that, they gave rainbow colors to tell the housemates what kind of people they are and Shakila painted on that person’s photo and told their mentality.

Priyanka is friendly with everyone. Prince Yavar.. always thinks he is great. Pallavi Prashanth. He does not listen to anyone. He falls quickly. Damini.. trusted. Ratika Rose.. The heart is like a stone. Shivaji wants all of them to be happy in the house,’ Shakila told the housemates.

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