I came to the industry to become a hero..but – Jabardast comedian..!

By iittm Editor September 1, 2023 9:48 AM IST

Many people who enter the industry enter the industry with many dreams. But they have to face many hurdles and obstacles in the direction of reaching their destination. But when time comes, they cannot reach their desired destination and continue their life with different roles. Among them is Gaddam Naveen, who made a name for himself through the comedy show Jabardast. He gained huge popularity through the comedy show Jabardast, and with his bushy beard, he makes the television audience laugh with expressions that are only possible for him.

The recognition he got from the big screen has made him do films in a row today..Currently he has more than ten films in his hand.. He has already completed 25 years in the film industry. Today is his birthday so let us know some things about him. Gaddam Naveen, who entered the industry in 1995, is currently 47 years old. And he said.. My parents are Krishna and Sakkubai.. We are a middle class family.. Even though my father worked as a government employee, financial difficulties haunted him. While studying, I also worked in a mechanic shop and a clothing shop.

Since 1995, I have been trying for film opportunities while working as an office boy. I am already married and have two sons. My parents wanted me to become an actor. But now they are gone. That hurts me a lot. As I am a local, I did not suffer from starvation in the film industry but also faced all other difficulties. I walked around the offices wearing sandals. At that time Ramgopal Varma selected me. I came to the industry to become a hero. Seeing Krishna’s action scenes on the silver screen for the first time, I was very impressed. But due to some reasons he had to settle down as a comedian. He said that my aim is to become a producer and I will always become a producer and make a film.

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