Hyper Aadi comments on Naresh’s three marriages.. This is the sacred reaction..!

By iittm Editor August 31, 2023 10:20 AM IST

Jabardast comedian Hyper Adi made sensational comments on senior Tollywood actor Naresh. Adi’s comments on Naresh’s 3 marriages have now gone viral. But it is noteworthy that these comments were made before Adi, Naresh and Pavitra. What are the comments made by Adi.. Can we know the reaction of Pavitra and Naresh?

On the occasion of Vinayaka Chivithi, a channel is doing a special event called ‘Sami Rara’. Pavitra and Naresh made noise in this event. The promo for this special program has been released. Hyper Adi in this promo.. ‘I can’t get married just once.. Are you getting married or getting married again? Naresh was jokingly asked, “How are you, sir?” Naresh and Pavitra replied with a smile to these comments. The promo did not reveal what the answer was. Now this promo has gone viral. And take a look.

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