How many crores is Allu Arjun’s remuneration for Pushpa 2?

By iittm Editor August 30, 2023 10:14 AM IST

Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa is directed by popular director Sukumar. The movie was a huge hit at the box office. Pushpa 2 is being made as a sequel to that movie. It is known that all arrangements are being made to release this film next year. Expectations on this movie have also increased hugely. Coming as an action entertainer, this movie is creating records even before its release. Now all eyes are on Allu Arjun who won the National Award for Best Actor for the movie Pushpa. Allu Arjun has taken another step in Tollywood with this award. From last two days the news related to Pushpa 2 is also becoming viral.

Meanwhile, Allu Arjun’s name is being heard as the only hero who is receiving the highest remuneration in Tollywood through Pushpa 2. It is reported that his remuneration has also increased due to the award of the National Award. Moreover, the rights of this film have been sold in Bollywood for Rs. 125 crores. It is reported that Bunny has taken North India rights instead of Pushpa 2 remuneration, so the remuneration he is taking for this film is Rs.125 crores.

Allu Arjun is going to create a record as the highest paid hero in Tollywood. So far only Prabhas is on the top with a remuneration of Rs.100 crores.. Breaking it, Allu Arjun is taking remuneration in the range of Rs.125 crores, so Bunny fans are in full swing. On the whole, it can be said that Allu Arjun’s remuneration has also increased whether the National Award is meritorious.

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