Heroine Genelia who is pregnant for the third time..!

By iittm Editor September 11, 2023 11:55 AM IST

Genelia is the name of Bommarillu’s movie that comes to mind first. The film was made by elevating the heroine Genelia more than the hero. Apart from this, this cutie, who captivated everyone with her beauty and acting in the movie Bommarillu, everyone was amazed by her acting.

Actress Genelia Deshmukh latest photos go viral
Actress Genelia Deshmukh latest photos go viral

Having acted in many blockbuster movies in Tollywood, she has gained a good reputation by entering the glamor field and impressing the youth even more. However, there are rumors that Bommarillu beauty Genelia is pregnant for the third time. Recently, she attended an event in Mumbai with her husband and was seen with a baby bump. With this, netizens are commenting that she is going to give birth to another child soon. She has two boys named Riyaan and Rahyal. Meanwhile, Genelia acted in the web series Trial Period along with the movie Ved in the second innings.

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