Her life is a lesson for everyone – Gummadi..!

By iittm Editor August 18, 2023 7:30 AM IST

Needless to say, Mahanati Savitri is a great actress in the Telugu film industry. Famous actor Gummadi Venkateswara Rao revealed on one occasion that a great actress like Savitri should be born again which means it will take a century. Remembering that Savitri used to call him brother affectionately, Gummadi said that Savitri’s life is a lesson not only for film actors but for everyone. He said that Savitri and Suryakantham used to call him elder brother and Gummadi also said that he saw the hardships of Savitri’s life.

It is said that Savitri made Gummadi sick in the last days.. Then Savitri went to see her. But then Gummadi was intoxicated. Savitri asked how are you, brother, so loving. He said that when Savitri shook his head as if he was fine, it seemed that Gummadi’s head was gone. And if you look under it, Savitri left with Rs. 2000 under her head.. After that Gummadi called Savitri and asked why did you leave money here.. Did you forget that I took it from you once? I shouldn’t have owed anything to anyone.. Just yesterday the moneylenders came and gave me Rs 5000. Savitri said that she brought Rs.2000. He closed his eyes.

He revealed that when Savitri’s fame decreased, there were many changes in the body, and with this, the chances of the film also decreased. She donated everything to everyone while she was there. In the end, she lost all her possessions and lived in poverty. Gummadi revealed that it will take another century for an actress like her to be born.

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