He knowingly put up with them and now he is suffering..

By iittm Editor September 23, 2022 9:22 AM IST
Dulquer Salmaan

Dulquer Salmaan looks like a good boy. They kiss and smile. They speak with a smile. He is doing his own thing.. he is making films in all languages. Everyone is obsessed with his good self. Even if all this is fine.. Some of the recent comments are now making some people fire on him. It is because of unnecessary words that they are putting pushy comments. S! Dulquer, who scored a huge hit in Telugu with the movie Sitaram, is impressing everyone in Bollywood with the Hindi dubbing of that movie. Along with that, a straight Hindi film called ‘Chup’ is being made under the direction of Balki. Dulquer, who went for an interview as part of the promotion of this movie, said that if the boy cut culture is missing in Bollywood, there is no other place. Some of the people who were pushing it made their minds go crazy.

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