Ginna Twitter Review: Manchu Vishnu ‘Jinna’ Movie.. Twitter Review

By iittm Editor October 21, 2022 10:33 AM IST

Ginna Twitter Review: Manchu Vishnu 'Jinna' Movie.. Twitter Review

Ginna Twitter Review: Manchu Vishnu is waiting for the right hit. His latest movie Jinnah was released in theatres. Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone acted as heroines. Ishan Surya, who worked as an assistant to director Srinuvaitla, is the director of this film. Before that, Suriya directed a short film called ‘Gangster Gangaraju’. Senior director G.Nageshwar Reddy, who has produced comedy entertainers for the movie Jinnah, has provided the story. Presented by Avram Bhakta Manchu and produced by Manchu Mohan Babu under Ava Entertainment and 24 Frames Factory banners. Anup Rubens composed the music. Cinematography by Chhota K Naidu. Sunil, Vennela Kishore, Chandra, Saddam, Annapurna and others acted in this film.

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Jinnah is an out and out comedy entertainer. Hero Manchu Vishnu has firmly believed in the success of this film with the belief that the audience will always support comedy films. That is why it was released today not only in Telugu but also in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages. Vishnu has already announced that ‘Jinnah’ will be released in the US, UK and Malaysia as well. Also today the movie has come before the audience.. Many people are posting that the movie is good. And let’s see what the audience is saying on Twitter..

I have seen Jinnah movie. Manchu Vishnu made a comeback with comedy timing like ‘Dhi’. Those who go to the theater just for Sunny Leone will definitely not be disappointed. Manchu Vishnu has taken the right decision by choosing the horror comedy genre. Let’s leave the rest to word of mouth. My rating is 3/5. Congratulations to the film crew,” a Twitter user tweeted. This user tweeted from London.

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Another Twitter user also gave a review. “The story is okay. The movie is a bit slow. But, Sunny got a kick from meeting Vishnu. Action sequences and visuals are amazing. Vishnu’s performance and his commitment are super. The climax is not normal. Rating 3.23/5. Vishnu is proud of you. It is a super movie” he said. Doubts are also expressed on this review.

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