Fun spy movie with Vennela Kishore as hero

By iittm Editor August 23, 2023 7:00 PM IST

Vennela Kishore became a star comedian who impressed everyone with his comedy in the movie Vennela and became a household name in that movie. Vennela Kishore, who turned from a software engineer to a comedian, is currently busy with a series of films. Vennela Kishore is emerging as a comedian. He also made a couple of films as a director.
Vennela Kishore is coming forward to excel as a hero. Chari 111 movie is coming as a fun, spy and action film. Along with the announcement of Chari 111 movie, which is going to be directed by TG Keerthikumar, the makers have released an animation video.

Vennela Kishore to headline 'Chari 111', a Telugu spy action comedy to be directed by TG Keerthi Kumar - The Hindu

Vennela Kishore is acting as a secret and spy agent in this movie. In the specially released video.. it starts as a danger has come to the city which is always peaceful.. it seems that the S Army officer Muralisharma who came to face the danger is going to be seen as the leader of the agent organization. Also in this story there are villains and problems..there is a hero to pace them..the video revealing the hero Vennela Kishore is impressive.

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