Finally, is Suma going down?

Audiences are not showing much interest in watching TV programs. The audience who have seen the promos are anxiously waiting for that episode, wondering if there is some fight in it or not. But many times the audience has been deceived. Due to this, there are many occasions when the audience also gets angry with the organizers of the program.

But Suma stayed away from such things. Suma also has to do something like this now to bring ratings to the shows. As part of the Suma Adda program, where Suma is acting as a host, it was shown in the promo that there was a serious quarrel between the guests regarding this program. It was shown in this promo that Suma ran for them. But when we saw what happened at the beginning of the episode, it became clear that all this was done just for a skit.

But in this promo, Ariana and Akhil did some skit. Akhil taunted that Ariana was given two lakhs for the opening of the shopping mall. Ariana took Akhil’s pride by saying that she is more than you. In the meantime Akhil got Tejaswi to talk to him and said that you have saved the child that you have come now and said that he will talk to you later and left the place. Currently this promo is going viral.

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