F-2 actor who was cheated by them and lost crores..!!

By iittm Editor August 22, 2023 1:32 PM IST

In the Telugu film industry, some of the roles in the films are special.. Actor Pradeep is one of those who has gained good popularity. Even though it has been done in serials, it can be said that F-2, F-3 films have brought recognition.

Pradeep, who gained popularity not only in these films but also with his dialogues, recently spoke in an interview and shed tears while telling some incidents in his life.. Pradeep said that after entering into films, he earned hundreds of crores, but even the hundreds of crores that he earned, he was cheated by those who knew him. Pradeep informed me that he was cheated by business.

He became emotional and informed that due to this setback in his life, he faced a lot of difficulties and that only when his life fell on the road did he realize that he should not trust anyone. Pradeep said that in the end he sold his own house and had to live in a rented house. As a result, he realized where his life had gone and since then he stopped trusting anyone. Currently, good opportunities are coming in serials as well and he is able to earn money again, Pradeep said.

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