Experiencing hell after love breakup.. Jabardasth Rohini comments viral..!!

By iittm Editor August 26, 2023 12:38 PM IST

Rohini, who gained good popularity through serials, then participated in a program aired in Jabardasth and gained good popularity. Since then she is mostly called Jabardast Rohini. Due to this, she got a good craze as she got opportunities as a lady comedian in many films. It is also known that he has been admitted to the hospital recently.. It seems that Ime underwent a surgery in the hospital to remove a rod in his leg when there was a car accident.

At that time, Rohini informed about how much she was suffering on social media platform. After the surgery, she recently participated in a show and told about her love breakup for the first time.. So far, many people may not know whether Rohini has a boyfriend or not.. Rohini revealed in a show.. that she once had a boyfriend.. and now it is a shock to everyone. Rohini said that after the breakup she went through a lot of hell and her friends supported her at that time.

Rohini said that all my friends also motivated her by giving me advice saying that no one is suitable for her.. Then I felt the same way. are becoming viral on social media. But the name of the boy whom Rohini loves is not revealed..

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