Even though he lost more than 1000 crores of property with that habit.. Jagapathi Babu’s viral comments..

It is known that Tollywood hero Jagapathi Babu has acted in many movies so far. After acting as a hero in the beginning of his career, he is getting a series of opportunities as a villain.. Jagapathi Babu, who is currently leading a successful career, has recently responded to the assets he lost in the past.. It is known that hero Jagapathi Babu has been in the film industry for more than 40 years. He acted in hundreds of movies as a hero. But some events in his life turned him upside down. Besides, the entire property was lost and there were many difficulties to face. However, starting his career as a villain in the second innings, he has been able to sustain himself financially by getting a series of opportunities.

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But Jagapathi Babu, who has been telling the incidents of his life from time to time, has shocked everyone by telling how many crores of rupees he has lost. Speaking on this matter.. “My property is not a casino and poker. I don’t even say that other people looted. Such a situation has arisen due to lack of calculation and carelessness in the matter of money. I have zero knowledge about money..According to calculations..the assets I have acquired are worth more than 100 crores now. But what is the reason for the loss of so many properties is a big question. It is difficult to answer. I just play for fun. Also, there is no clarity as to how the money went. Don’t even blame someone. There are so many. Maybe because of the brokers. It might have happened because I wasn’t careful either. There is definitely my mistake in this..” he said.

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