Do you know who fixed the wedding date of Varun Tej – Lavanya Tripathi?

By iittm Editor August 19, 2023 7:47 AM IST

Mega hero Varun Tej and heroine Lavanya Tripathi are in love and are going to get married soon. They also got engaged on June 9 this year. This couple has been secretly in love for almost five years. Fans are eagerly waiting for when the seven steps will be taken. But it seems that Varun Tej has given clarity on whether the wedding can happen this year or not.

Recently, Varun Tej, who was in the promotions of Varun Tej’s Gandivadhaari Arjuna movie, was asked about the wedding and informed that the wedding will take place this year.. but the date of the wedding has not been fixed yet. Varun Tej informed that it is the final decision. He also informed that the marriage is going to be very simple.

In the matter of Lavanya and Varun Tej’s love affair, who proposed first, he also informed that he himself proposed first.. Lavanya also agreed to that, and then both their family members informed them and they also agreed and they said that they took it up to engagement. Varun Tej also gave a hint that his marriage is going to happen. Varun Tej, who is currently busy with various types of films, is going to become a householder in a year.. There are reports that Lavanya Tripathi is also not interested in acting in big films.

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