Do you know what happened at the last moment of Shobhan Babu’s death?

By iittm Editor August 25, 2023 7:15 AM IST

It is no exaggeration to say that Andhra Soggadu Shobhan Babu’s death means that there are still disbelieving audiences. Everyone is wondering how he died who was in good health and followed a good diet. Shobhan Babu is not only a hero but also the prince of many girls’ dreams. On March 20, 2008, Ashesha left this world leaving his fans in mourning. Meanwhile, what happened in the last moment of Shobhan Babu’s death is now becoming viral.

What happened on March 20 is that Shobhan Babu’s only son Karuna Seshu had a long talk in the morning. A big building is also being constructed on his land in Madras. What kind of tiles should be used for flooring in that building? The father and son also discussed the issue of where to bring it from. But after coming to a complete decision on this matter, Karuna Seshu took the car and went out. As soon as the son left the house, he asked his wife to bring buttermilk and sat in his favorite rocking chair.

He turned on the TV to watch the news. After some time, he wanted to go to his wife as his wife did not want to drink buttermilk. As he got up from the chair, he had a severe heart attack and fell down. The nose was also hit. He died on the spot. When his wife came out and saw him, he collapsed on the spot and immediately informed his son Karuna Seshu to other family members. When the son returned, he was informed that he had died. Shobhan Babu, who had to see a lot in his life, died at the age of 71 due to a heart attack.

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