Do you know what actor Rauramesh used to do before entering the industry?

By iittm Editor August 23, 2023 11:42 AM IST

Actor Rao Ramesh first entered the Telugu film industry as a character artist through the new movie Bangaralokam.. Although he got a good reputation as an actor with his first film.. After that he acted in many films and got a good craze. Rao Ramesh is the son of actor Rao Gopal Rao, who is known for playing the villain in many films. He entered the industry by continuing his father’s legacy of acting.

He has earned a reputation as a unique actor by showing his variation from film to film. Let’s find out what Rao Ramesh used to do before entering the industry, who can adapt to any role. Rao Ramesh was born in Srikakulam and grew up in Chennai. He was never interested in becoming an actor. Rao Ramesh wanted to stop his studies and learn photography, so he applied for a course at California Academy.

But Rao Gopal Rao died at that time and his mother also advised Rao Ramesh to take up acting. Rao Ramesh was looking for a job many times even though he didn’t want to.. At such a time, he made a film with a producer to take steps towards production. But due to some reasons it stopped in the middle and he suffered a lot. As this was also a failure, Rao Ramesh finally listened to his mother’s advice and entered the acting field and is currently earning a lot by acting in many films.

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