Do you know the movie in which the comedy Brahma Brahmanandam acted as the hero..?

By iittm Editor August 15, 2023 1:27 PM IST

Brahmanandam, who has gained recognition as a comedy brahma in the Telugu film industry, needs no special introduction. Especially, there is no need to develop comedy by saying dialogues. If you make a few gestures, the audience will laugh to the stomach. That’s why everyone also calls him Hajibrahma.

Brahmanandam, who acted in more than 1200 films in a span of three and a half decades and entertained the audience as a comedian, is loved by everyone. Especially on the one hand, while cultivating comedy, on the other hand, he also entertained in typical roles. Compared to other actors, Brahmanandam, who has impressed the audience with his unique dialogue delivery and amazing facial expressions, is still continuing as a star comedian.

Now when it comes to Brahmanandam, he worked as a lecturer and entered the industry through the movie Ahana Pelanta. Many people do not know that Brahmanandam also acted as a hero. He starred in the movie Babai Hotel. Directed by Jandhyala, the film is produced by KS Rama Rao under Creative Commercial banner. Madhushree acted opposite Brahmanandam in this movie released in 1992. Why this movie did not get success as expected. But Brahmanandam, who always made the audience laugh heartily in this movie, emotionally moved the audience to tears in a serious role.

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