Do you know the background of Pallavi Prashanth who entered the Bigg Boss house?

By iittm Editor September 4, 2023 11:21 AM IST

Bigg Boss season seven has started with a bang. Like every year, this year also started on a grand note. And this time also Nagarjuna is acting as the host for this season. The audience is especially interested in the contestants who will enter the Bigg Boss house.. Till yesterday, many names have been mentioned. But yesterday Nagarjuna surprised everyone by sending 14 people into the house on the first day. But he also said that 14 people who entered this house are not contestants and some of them will return.

He also said that to continue as a contestant means to win the task there. Who was among those who went into the Bigg Boss season 7 house? Who is going? Now it gets interesting. As for who entered the Bigg Boss house, the first contestants are Priyanka Jain, Hero Sivaji, Singer Damini Bhatla, Model Prince, Shubhashree, Shakila, Shobha Shetty, Tasty Teja, Rathikaroj, Gautham Krishna, Pallavi Prashant, Amardeep Chaudhary, Kiran Rathore entered the Bigg Boss house.

But it must be said that most of them are unknown to the audience. Pallavi Prashanth is one of them. Pallavi Prashanth, who started her career as a YouTuber, makes a lot of noise when she is pushed as a farmer’s child. Now he has been sharing various posts and videos on social media to go to the game show. He has got a chance to play and let’s see how he impresses.

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