Did Nayanthara cohabit with that politician..?

By iittm Editor September 10, 2023 12:20 PM IST

Nayantara, who has earned a reputation as a lady superstar in the South industry, has faced many difficulties not only as a heroine but also due to many controversies and affairs. In the past, Prabhudeva and Shimbu had romances and became a hot topic in the industry. Especially when Nayanthara got married, Prabhudeva’s wife gave an interview to the media and made various comments about her.

Apart from all this, there were many reports in the past saying that Nayanthara was cohabiting with a married politician.. If we go to the actual matter, there were some news that she was in a relationship with Udayanidhi, the son of Tamil Chief Minister DMK Stalin.. But Udayanidhi was already married and had children.

But the main reason for the fact that they are in a relationship became viral is that Udayani wanted to become a producer like her father and founded a production house called Red Giants. After that, it is reported that Nayanthara and Udayanidhi formed a good relationship during the making of the film Adhavan, which came in the combination of Surya and Nayanthara.

Moreover, the news that both of them were living together secretly came out and this matter became more viral as the photos were also shared with the political leaders of the opposition party in the morning. So this matter became viral. However, Udayanidi’s paternal grandparents also gave a warning to Nayanthara who knew about this matter. It remains to be seen how much truth there is in this.

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