Did Balayya Babu give a word to that director?!

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 8:15 PM IST

Those who work in the film industry should have talent, foresight and luck. Because when one film is on the sets, another film should be set and ready. Otherwise there will be a lot of gap to make another film. No matter how big a hit the director gives, he needs to get another chance immediately, that’s why our star heroes and directors make sure that there is no gap by accepting films one after the other.

But currently the situation of a director in Tollywood is very embarrassing. That director is Venky Kudumula, who is well-known with the films Chalo’ and Bhishma. It has been two and a half years since the release of ‘Bhishma’ movie, but it is surprising to many people that he has not updated his new movie till now. Earlier, there were reports that he felt okay after telling the story to Chiranjeevi, and now the next step is to start shooting. But now even Chiranjeevi is not talking about the movie. Currently, he is depressed for many days without a movie.

Recently, Nandamuri Balakrishna was told that he liked the story and said OK. Balayya liked it because the entertainment is super. Because the entertainment in his movies has decreased for many days. Also, Balayya Babu immediately gives shelter if someone is in trouble. This has been true many times. Even if they flop, if he gives his word, he will not back down. Let’s see if Anna will fall into the groove of this hit director’s career with this movie.

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