Class 8 Science Question Paper 2022-23

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Class 8 Science Question Paper 2022-23

Class 8 Science Sample Paper 2022-23 Class 8 Science Model Paper Question Paper of Class 8 Science Subject: – To prepare for class 8 science subject, candidates should prepare with practice sets, model papers, question papers, etc. This helps the candidate prepare for the exam well and they know how questions come in it. Therefore, for all the candidates preparing for Class 8 Science, Class 8 Science Question Paper is given below in this post, read the questions which were answered in this paper, these questions can also come in the further examination.

subject science


Time : 3 hours][[Integer : 80

(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Marks of questions are shown against them.
(ii) Write the correct answer from question numbers 1 to 15.

Q1. The best way to replenish the nutrients in the soil is

(a) by plowing
(b) by crop rotation
(c) by irrigation
(d) all of the above
Ans. by crop rotation

Q2. , Viral disease.
(a) Polio
(b) Tuberculosis
(c) itching
(d) diarrhea
Ans. Polio

Q3. ………….. is a fiber having properties similar to silk.
(a) nylon
(b) Rayon
(c) polyester
(d) acrylic
Ans. rayon

Q4. Which metal is not a good conductor of electricity?
(a) lead
(b) mercury
(c) copper
(d) aluminum
Ans. Mercury

Q5. , progeny takes place by
(a) yeast
(b) Hydra
(c) sponge
(d) both (a) and (b)
Ans. (a) and (b) both

Q6. The protoplasm in cells is surrounded by a covering called ……. it is said.
(a) outer cover
(b) plasma membrane
(c) cell membrane
(d) (b) and (c) both
Ans. cell membrane

Q7. Teenagers should be careful what they are eating, because
(a) Their brain develops with proper food.
(b) Proper diet is required for rapid growth in the body.
(c) Adolescent is always hungry.
(d) Taste buds (glands) are well developed in juveniles.
Ans. Their brain develops with proper food.

Q8. By what can force be measured?
(a) by magnitude
(b) by the mass of the article
(c) by the weight of the object
(d) by the shape of the object
Ans. by volume

Q9. Carrom board. powder is sprinkled on
(a) to enhance the fragrance
(b) To enhance beauty.
(c) to make the floor shiny
(d) To make the plane smooth.
Ans. To make the bottom smooth.

Q10. Where does the eardrum send sound signals?
(a) to the outer ear
(b) to the middle ear
(c) to the inner ear
(d) to the brain
Ans. to the middle ear

Q11. is an inferior conductor of electricity
(a) rain water
(b) distilled water
(c) river water
(d) sea water
Ans. Distilled water

Q12. Which charged object attracts which charged object?
(a) to the positively charged
(b). to the debt-charged
(c) positively charged – to the negative
(d) dis-charged – to the dis-charged
Ans. to the positively charged

Q13. The return of light to the same medium after hitting a plane is called …………..
(a) refraction
(b) reflection
(c) scattering
(d) deflection
Ans. reflection

Q14. The Moon revolves around ………..
(a) Earth
(b) Surya
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) not both (a) and (b)
Ans. Earth

Q15. Objects that do not twinkle are called..
(a) stars
(b) planets
(c) Planetarium
(d) none of the above
Ans. The planet

Q16. How many types of crops are there on the basis of season?

Ans. There are mainly two types of crops on the basis of season
1. Kharif Crops- The crops grown from June to October are called Kharif crops like Maize, Paddy, Jowar, Bajra etc.
2. Rabi crops- The crops grown between November to April are called Rabi crops like wheat, gram, mustard, peas, barley etc.

Q17. What is meant by bacteria?

Ans. answer this question yourself

Q18. Give advice on the statement “Avoid the use of plastic as far as possible”.

Ans. answer this question yourself

Q19. Give two differences between zygote and womb.


zygote Pregnancy
1. At the time of fertilization, the sperm and egg fuse to become one. This results in the formation of a zygote. 1. The zygote develops into an embryo and that stage of the embryo in which all the bodily parts can be identified is called womb.
2. It is formed as a result of the first stage of the reproductive process. 2. When the development of the womb is complete, the mother gives birth to a newborn baby.

Q20. Write the characteristics of hormones.

Ans. answer this question yourself

Q21. While making a tool, a blacksmith beats a hot piece of iron with a hammer. How does the force due to beating affect the piece of iron?

Ans. While making a tool, a blacksmith beats a hot piece of iron with a hammer, the muscular force exerted by the beating spreads the piece of iron. Muscular force is an example of a contact force. On beating a piece of iron, its shape changes.

Q22. fill in the blanks with the appropriate words
(a) Unwanted sound is called …………..
(b) The sharpness of sound is determined by the ………….. of the vibrations.
(c) The loudness is determined by the ………… of the vibration.
(d) The unit of frequency is …………….

Ans. students do it themselves

Q23. The Meteorological Department predicts that there is a possibility of thunderstorms on a certain day and suppose you have to go out on that day. Will you take an umbrella? Explain.

Ans. It is not safe to go out in a thunderstorm and it is more dangerous to go out with an umbrella, because tall buildings, electric wires, black colored objects attract the lightning. So it is wise to stay away from these

Q24. Suppose you are in a dark room. Can you see the objects in the room? Can you see objects outside the room? Explain.

Ans. No, nothing is visible in the dark because there is no light falling on the objects lying in the room and neither are they emitting light by themselves. That’s why nothing can be seen in a dark room. Objects outside the room can be visible if rays of light are incident on them or they emit their own light.

Q25. What is a light year called? Whose unit is this?

Ans. definition of light year Light year is that unit of astronomical distance, which is equal to the distance traveled by light in one year.

Light year is the unit of astronomical distance, the universe is so big and vast that we cannot measure its distance in kilometers, so to measure the distance of planets and stars, we need a separate unit which we call light year.

Q26: Write the advantages of crop rotation.

Ans.benefits of crop rotation

  • Due to the balanced absorption of nutrients and moisture from the soil through crop rotation, fertility increases.
  • Incorporation of pulse crops improves the physical condition of the soil. The biological condition of the soil also improves due to the activity of bacteria to fix nitrogen by pulse crops.
  • Growing berseem in the field every year increases the quantity of gulli danda (wheat) weed by sowing chicory weed and continuous wheat. Weeds like chicory, wheatsa etc. are controlled by sowing wheat for 1 year and berseem for 1 year in Rabi season. Wheatsaw is destroyed by repeated harvesting of berseem.
  • The agricultural resources available with the farmer like irrigation, manure-fertilizers, labor are fully utilized throughout the year. This reduces the cost of production per unit.
  • Soil productivity also increases by increasing soil fertility, due to which more yield is obtained per unit of field and the economic condition of the farmer improves.

Q27. Who are the disease carriers? Explain with example.

Ans. students do it themselves

Q28. Who is the birth? Describe the main methods of reproduction.

Ans. The process of producing progeny or progeny similar to oneself in living organisms is called reproduction.

Following are the two main methods of reproduction- (i) sexual reproduction, (i) asexual reproduction.
1. Sexual Reproduction- New organisms are formed by the fusion of male and female gametes. The gametes can be from different parents or from the same parent. This is called sexual reproduction.
(2) asexual reproduction- In this reproduction a new organism is produced from a single gene without the addition of gametes. New organisms are similar to their parents. This is called asexual reproduction.

Q29. Write the uses of coal.

Ans. Following are the uses of coal
(1) Coal is used as fuel in homes and industries.
(2) It is used for making coal gas.
(3) It is used in making coke.
(4) Coal used to make steam to run railway engines and is now used in thermal power plants to generate electricity.
(5) It is used to make synthetic petrol and synthetic natural gas.

Q30. Paper itself catches fire easily whereas a piece of paper wrapped around an aluminum pipe does not catch fire. Give reason.

Ans. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat. A piece of paper wrapped around an aluminum pipe does not catch fire because the heat is transferred to the aluminum and the paper does not reach its ignition temperature.

Q31. How can you contribute to maintaining greenery in your local area? Make a list of the actions to be taken by you.

Ans. green property maintenance

(i) Trees should be planted on both sides of the roads.
(ii) The cutting of forests should be prevented.
(iii) The government should make laws to stop cutting more trees.
(iv) Parks (gardens) should be made in special areas.

Q32. You are holding a plastic bucket full of water in your hand. Name the forces acting on the bucket. Discuss why the forces acting on the bucket do not change its state of motion.

Ans. By the force acting on the plastic bucket:

(i) Earth’s gravitational force (downward)
(ii) muscular force of the arms (upwards)

Both the forces do not change the state of motion of the bucket, as both the forces are equal and act in opposite directions to each other. So they eliminate each other’s influence. The muscles get pulled due to the weight of the bucket.

Q33. Give examples of such actions which are difficult to perform in the absence of friction.

Ans. Following are such actions
(1) It is difficult to walk on a muddy trail.
(2) It is difficult to write with chalk on a smooth blackboard.
(3) A smooth glass of glass cannot be grabbed easily.
(4) Running away with worn-out shoes is not easy.

Q34. What are the major vision defects? How can they be removed?

Ans. There are two major vision defects- (1) nearsightedness, (2) hyperopia.
1. Inaccuracy defect- In this defect, the person can see near objects clearly but not far away.
remedies to removeThe person suffering from this defect is given to wear glasses of concave lens.
2. Hyperopia- In this defect, the person can see distant objects clearly but not the near ones.
Ways to remove The person suffering from this defect is given to wear glasses of convex lens.

Q35. Explain the causes of air pollution.

Ans. students do it themselves

Q36. What are the physical properties of nonmetals?

Ans. students do it themselves

Q37. What are cell membranes and cell walls called? Explain the difference between the two.

Ans. students do it themselves

Q38. Is drinking water a conductor or an insulator? Prove by experiment.

Ans. students do it themselves

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