Chiranjeevi movies we are not uploading: I Bomma Big Shack

By iittm Editor September 8, 2023 8:59 AM IST

Indian audience knows about I Bomma movie download website. Newly released movies are shown on this website. The print is also of high quality and is gaining popularity among some sections of the audience. Recently, the administrators of the I Bomma website have sent a warning to the Telugu industry.. Telugu producers are giving high remunerations to the heroes and selling movies at high rates, thereby automatically increasing the ticket rates.. They criticized this as a burden on the common people. And recently posted highlighting another thing.. On our website the audience is not paying attention to Chiranjeevi movies at all, no one is showing interest in downloading these movies at least.

That is why they have given a message saying that no more Megastar Chiranjeevi movies are uploaded on our website. It is really a disgrace to the industry, Chiranjeevi and the fans.

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