BREAKING: Big twist on Nayantara couple’s surrogacy dispute

By iittm Editor October 26, 2022 9:10 AM IST

BREAKING: A big twist has taken place on Nayantara couple’s surrogacy dispute. As part of the Nayanthara surrogacy controversy, a three-member committee was formed to investigate. It is in this context that the investigation of the three member committee on the issue of Nayantara Wiggesh couple’s children has been completed. Three members of the committee will give a report to the Tamil Nadu government today.

After receiving the report, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Subramanian will announce the contents of the report through a press meet in the evening. Tamil Nadu Health Minister Subramanian has ordered an inquiry into the surrogacy controversy. The committee has investigated whether Nayantara and Vignesh’s surrogacy process was done legally. In this background, the Minister of Tamil Nadu will hold a press meet in the evening on this investigation… and will tell the details of this case.

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