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By iittm Editor September 12, 2022 11:34 AM IST

This movie was released after the marriage of Ranbir and Alia. This is also the first film in which both of them acted together. More than four hundred crores will not be spent for this film. Brahmastra is one of the biggest Bollywood movies ever. There are many reasons to wait for this movie. Hopes that Brahmastra will revive Bollywood, which has been in the doldrums for the past few years, were well seen in the North.

Anil kumar poka

Anil kumar poka |

Sep 12, 2022 | 11:32 AM

Bollywood hopes are dashed. The former glory of the industry has now turned into a myth. Bewildered, the bee town at representative sat looking at the directions. Not knowing what to do, what kind of films to make? There is a lot of talk about going small in front of the South. South movies invaded the Bollywood box office like Pan Indian movies till yesterday. Especially Tollywood movies! And to face these.. Bollywood makers have gone to great lengths to reinvent previous Bollywood. Taking the pan India movie concept, Brahmastra movie was made in Rajamouli range with a huge budget. Tollywood star Hero Nag was also cast in this film and made people talk about this film in South. We have planned to present this film with Pan Indian director Rajamouli. He was made the head of promotions of this movie. Many expectations were raised on the film. Everyone thought Brahmastra Ne Sarpna was the movie to put Bollywood on the previous track. But if you cut it, the movie released on September 9 failed to get a lot of positive talk. Although Brahmastra created a small vibration before the release of the movie with about 65 percent advance bookings, Brahmastra could not continue that vibration after the release. Film analytics are commenting that this movie also does not seem to change the fate of Bollywood. It is said that it is not because of Ranbir but it is because of any other hero.

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