Bigg Boss won’t get TRPs if there are common people: Actress Madhavi Latha

By iittm Editor September 18, 2023 7:18 PM IST

It is known that Bigg Boss season 7 is being aired on our TV every day. Actress and politician Madhavi Latha has recently made important comments on this Bigg Boss. In response to a question asked by a netizen on social media, Madhavilatha said, “I am not watching Bigg Boss 7, but when I was asked about Bigg Boss 2 in the past, I was fixated that respect is more important than money. Madhweelatha commented that since no one came in the current season, they brought a group of people who are not familiar with the audience and put them in the house.. And addressing the common man in the house, Pallavi Prashanth… if they put common people in the house, no one would be interested in watching and TRP ratings as expected by our TV management. Khara strongly said that she will not come too much.

Bigg Boss season 7 completed two weeks.. Kiran Rao and Shakeela were eliminated.

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