Bigg Boss 7: “Rathika Raj” played 12 housemates!

By iittm Editor September 15, 2023 1:04 PM IST

A total of 14 members have entered in Telugu Bigg Boss season 7.. but this time the serial actors are more. Since Shivaji is the only face known to many people, the audience is watching this season with great disappointment. Kiran Rathore has been eliminated after a week has passed. Shakeela and Tasty Teja are among the most likely to be eliminated this week, but it seems that Shakila will be eliminated. Meanwhile, in last night’s episode, Amardeep’s team, which won the Astras, defeated them in the Gautham team, and Bigg Boss was doing it with the rule that each one of them should give the Astra to another in the same team. But when it came to the fourth place, Gautham’s team decided to send Rathika, but Rathika did not agree to it, and the entire house was in complete despair. Everyone was angry with her because she behaved stupidly without listening to anyone.

Especially the fight between Rathika and Damini, the fight between Rathika and Gautham and Amar Deep’s frustration at everyone at the end between Sandeep and Rathika, it must be said that the audience was not very impressed. In the end, Rathika tested everyone’s patience by not listening to the 12 people in the house.

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