Bigboss7: Will the farmer’s child have a wrong turn? Will he blow..?

By iittm Editor September 12, 2023 8:53 AM IST

Bigboss 7: Pallavi Prashanth, who recently entered the house in the common man category as a farmer’s child in Bigg Boss 7, is now hearing the news that everyone is targeting her. Kiran Rathore was eliminated as part of the first week’s eliminations.. and the second week’s nominations have started. As a part of that, in the episode on Monday, Bigg Boss drew a box and placed each contestant in it. There is also a shower above them. But if whoever wants to nominate them presses the buzzer, colored water will fall on them.

Then the reason has to be given. When he entered the box, 6 contestants nominated him. Gautham, Shakeela, Teja, Amardeep, Priyanka and Damini were nominated by six people, Prashant had a fight with them. Prashanth has full negativity outside. For the past few days, comments have been heard that he is cheating by using the name of farmers to grow up claiming to be a farmer’s child. On the other hand, everyone is saying that he came begging Bigg Boss.

As they also said the same in the comments house, Prashant did not know what to do. He was shocked when Prashant was acting sentimentally. Many are accusing him of coming into Bigg Boss just to get recognition, he is not a farmer’s child but a fake. And this week there are comments that the farmer’s child’s dream will stop in the middle. And will Prashant be eliminated this week? Or? We will have to wait for Saturday’s episode to know.

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