Bigboss7: These are the highest paid contestants..!

By iittm Editor September 5, 2023 10:13 AM IST

Bigboss 7: It is known that the season seven of Big Boss on Star Ma has finally started from the third of September. The comments from Bigg Boss fans are also expressing that this show will be a success. This season is going to be different especially compared to the other seasons. According to the latest information, this show is going to be aired for almost 20 weeks, while the truth is yet to be known while it is being promoted on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, who is getting the highest salary in the Bigg Boss show has now become a hot topic. If not, there are reports that the organizers of Bigg Boss show are giving Shivaji a lump sum of 4 lakh rupees per week. Due to the unexpected popularity of the craze, the organizers are ready to give him as much as he asked for. It is reported that another contestant, Shakila, will receive a remuneration of Rs.3.5 lakh per week.

It seems that all the other contestants who participated in the house are also being paid in the range of Rs.2.5 lakhs per week and Bigg Boss contestant Prince Yavar is getting Rs.1.5 lakhs per week. It is also reported that Pallavi Prashant, a peasant child who came in the common man category, is getting Rs. 1 lakh per week. Otherwise, it seems that Shivaji and Shakila are receiving the highest reward in the house. And this time it can be said that who will win the cup has become more exciting.

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