Bigboss7: Shivaji gave a warning to Priyanka.. What happened..?

By iittm Editor September 11, 2023 5:12 PM IST

It is known that Bigg Boss Season 7 started recently with Ulta Fulta. In the first week of nominations, Kiran Rathore was eliminated. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 hosted by Nagarjuna rushed to say that everything has changed. But those changes are not seen anywhere, they are seen as routine. Fans are also expressing their opinions.

Even though some rules have been changed, the way things are going on in Bigg Boss is not different at all.. It is said that it is boring. But Bigg Boss 7 is only going so far with the chaddies doing the same tasks to each other. And only one or two like Shivaji and Teja are trying to provide entertainment. Meanwhile, the latest promo for today’s episode has been released and the nomination process has started. For this, Bigg Boss has given a task to the house members. Send those who want to be nominated to the shower and press the buzzer to take a shower.

After that you have to give the reasons why you are nominating. In this sequence, the atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house has warmed up a bit. It can be said that there was a war of words between Priyanka and Shivaji. When Priyanka accused Shivaji that when I was making a point, you were interrupting me in an oppressive way. Shivaji got fired up saying that Priyanka is not that good, don’t talk like this. All in all, it seems that today’s episode is going to be very juicy.

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