Bigboss7: Shakila played by Tasty Teja Chempa.. what happened..?

By iittm Editor September 4, 2023 8:52 AM IST

It is known that Bigg Boss season 7 finally aired on Telugu television yesterday on Star Ma channels at 7 pm. And in this one by one the contestants entertained with their games and entered the house. In this sequence, among the contestants who entered Bigg Boss, Shakila gave an emotional touch, but Tasty Teja entered the house spreading entertainment. As soon as Tenali entered Teja’s house after bursting the firecrackers on the stage.. Teja entered the house. It will not be normal anymore.. he said and started the game. Orni.. added comedy by making strange noises as if everyone in the house was a girl.

Moreover, as per the name, he had designed and wore a dress full of food items, when he entered the house.. Shobha Shetty came.. “What is your dress like this with food items?” I want biryani”.. he punched my heart saying that he has booked my heart not to eat biryani. After that when he greeted Shivaji in the house.. immediately Damini came and asked if you are the one who cooks? That means.. yes.. best cooker.. only cutting.. no cooking. sent

Meanwhile, when Shakila appeared, madam.. madam.. she went as if she did not see you and gave her a handshake.. Shakila punched her saying, “Don’t you see a man with such big tears in front of you?” No ma’am.. Shakila garu .. I have grown up watching your movies since childhood.. I mean you are a big fan.. Shakila again gave a reverse counter.. Did anyone watch my movies as a child? Saying that, she slapped him on the cheek. All in all, Shakila and Teja were all smiles in the house.

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