Because of her, Priyamani who is away from Jagapathi Babu.. Who is..?

By iittm Editor September 3, 2023 8:13 AM IST

It is difficult to say when and how love marriages will happen in the film industry. Some people marry their loved ones while some others do marriages arranged by elders. Some people even have to alienate their loved ones because of some people. Priyamani is one of those people. She was introduced to the industry through the movie Pelli Aiya Kothalo and impressed everyone with her performance. Now, starting the second innings, she is getting opportunities every now and then.. On the other hand, she is also acting as a judge in television shows.

Meanwhile, she loved Jagapathi Babu sincerely. But it became a hot topic at that time that Priyamani wanted to marry Jagapathi Babu, who was already married. But there are reports that a star heroine spoiled the love between the two. While Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani were acting together in movies like Kotthalo, Pravarakhyudu and Kshetram, there was a bit of romance between the two. But Jagapathi Babu, who was already married, did not like Priyamani. But because he likes her a little, it is reported that he also bought a flat for her in Hyderabad.

While the relationship between the two was going on, Vimala Raman, who acted with Jagapathi Babu in the movie Gaua 2, stopped paying attention to Jagapathi Babu’s Priyamani. Priyamani did not like Jagapathi Babu to spend time with Vimala Raman completely. And because of Vimala Raman, the relationship between Priyamani and Jagapathi Babu has been ruined.

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