Balayya-Tarakaratna: How much love each other has.. Balayya’s signature tattoo on Tarak’s hand.. | Babai Abbai Affection : Nandamuri Balakrishna Signature Tattoo On Taraka Ratna Hand

Tarakaratna’s body was brought to Hyderabad from Bangalore. He was kept in his home in Mokila. The family members wailing around the body of Tarakaratna Parthikadeham is bringing tears to the eyes of the viewers.

The relationship between Natasimha Balakrishna and Tarakaratna is different. Abboy means Babai’s unconditional love. It was because of that love that Balakrishna stayed with the boy and took care of him all the days he was in the hospital. On the day of the collapse, Mrutyunjaya mantra was chanted in the ear. Also Mrityunjaya Akhanda Deepam was lit in Chittoor district. All the gods were worshipped. Specialist doctors from abroad were called and treated. All human efforts have been made to survive Tarakaratna. But to no avail.

The boy has the same love for the boy as the father has for the boy. That’s why Tarakaratna got Baba’s signature tattooed on his back. A lion figure on the top. Balayya’s signature tattoo on the bottom has now gone viral. Tarakaratna got Natasimha’s name tattooed on his arm, which is not to say how much he worshiped Balakrishna. Not only that.. Balayya remembers his father’s name like that.. Tarakaratna Bala Babai.. Bala Babai always used to be fond of Balayya, his close friends say.


Tarakaratna has agreed to play the villain in Anil Ravipudi’s film, which is currently starring Nandamuri Balakrishna. Analysts say that if he had acted in this movie, Tarakaratna’s career would have been different. Tarakaratna also played the role of the antagonist in Nara Rohit starrer Raja Chei Vedse.

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