Balayya in the ad.. a dizzying record before it was telecast

By iittm Editor October 24, 2022 1:24 PM IST

Endorsements are pride for heroes. Measure for their craze. Bonus for earning income. That’s why heroes and heroines, regardless of whether they are senior or junior, fight for brand endorsements. After making Piravis, they act in ad films. Want to become a brand ambassador for big brands. But without any effort for a change.. with his unstoppable craze… Mana Balayya is entering this field. S! Balayya, who was away from brand endorsements till now, has now entered the path of young heroes. He said OK to promote a construction company that came to him. Bulli will be hitting the screen with these ads from Diwali. Dimm is also getting a revolving remuneration and getting the tag that he is a lion in this field.

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