Balakrishna in ‘Miss Shetty.. Mr. Polishetty’.. Fans whistle in the theater

By iittm Editor September 7, 2023 3:36 PM IST

Any movie.. Jai Balayya.. Jai Jai Balayya slogan should be heard in the theater. This slogan was also heard in the theaters of the recently released Anushka-Naveen Polishetty starrer Miss Shetty.. Mr. Polishetty. But it was heard not only in the theaters but also in the movie. Because Balakrishna is also in this movie. Balakrishna appearing in many scenes of Nijamandi Babu’s movie is impressing the audience.

However, he did not make a guest appearance. In this, several films starring Balakrishna were shown as a reference. In a scene shot between Anushka and Jayasudha, Jayasudha’s slogans saying ‘Jai Balayya.. Jai Jai Balayya.. Mana Balayya.. East or West Balayya is the best’ are being whistled in the theatres. In one scene ‘Akhanda’ entry scene was shown. Also, netizens are tweeting that movie lovers are also chanting ‘Jai Balayya’ when this scene comes.

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