Babloo Prithviraj: 56-year-old actor’s affair with 23-year-old woman after keeping his wife away

By iittm Editor October 22, 2022 6:31 PM IST

Babloo Prithviraj: 56-year-old actor's affair with 23-year-old woman after keeping his wife away

Babloo Prithviraj Affair With 23 Year Old Malaysian Girl: Actor Babloo Prithviraj is known to the Telugu audience! He is a Tamil actor. He acted in many films as a villain and character artist in Telugu. He made a special identity for himself. He recently made his television debut with the serial Intinti Grilahakshmi. Now a shocking news about him has come to the screen. The gist of the news is that he is having an affair with a 23-year-old girl who is 33 years younger than him. Another twist is that he even got married to the girl secretly!

Who is that girl? What does it do? The details have not come out yet but it seems that the girl belongs to Malaysia. It is reported that Bablu Prithviraj married that girl some years ago and is continuing his married life with her. Close sources claim that Bablu will make an official announcement about his second marriage soon. Meanwhile, Bablu Prithviraj got married to a woman named Beena in 1994. They also have a 27-year-old son named Ahad. However.. he is often falling ill. Differences arose between husband and wife on this matter.

Bablu and Bina have been living apart for a few years. Many times they tried to resolve the differences between them, but they failed. With this, they decided to separate completely. It seems that Bablu fell in love with a Malaysian girl and got married in this order.

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