Ashwinidat’s key comments on the movie “Kalki”.

By iittm Editor August 29, 2023 7:14 PM IST

Prabhas as the hero and Deepika Padukone as the heroine of the prestigious Hollywood movie “Kalki”, it must be said that the poster released from this movie has impressed the fans tremendously. It is known that the key actors like Kamal and Amitabh are acting in this. According to the information heard from the film team, Kamal Haasan will complete his schedule in the shooting which will be held from next month. While the look test has already been completed, the world’s best graphics companies are working. All these things are also said by producer Ashwanidat. Young director Nag Ashwin is shooting this movie very challengingly. Just for the VFX in this movie, a sum of Rs. 230 crores are being spent.

It is yet to be known when this film will be completed and released to the audience.

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