AR Rahman, who is making huge demands for the movie Nani.. will you agree..?

By iittm Editor September 6, 2023 10:23 AM IST

In today’s times, a movie needs to be a hit, which means that the music should be good along with a good story and direction. A movie becomes a hit only if the audience likes all these things. In this order, the demand for the music director is also increasing as the demand for the director is increasing. Making a film is one step but providing music for that film is another step. Not only music should be provided but background music should also be provided for the songs. Only then will it work. That’s why music directors are also in high demand these days.

And what is that demand, they are surprising everyone by demanding crores in the range of heroines. Although there are already many top music directors in the industry, special mention should be made of AR Rahman. Especially, there is no need to bend to his music. If Oscar award winner AR Rahman’s music director’s film is coming, it must be said that the film will be a musical hit. AR Rahman has been selected as the music director for Nani’s new movie under the direction of Vivek Atreya.

But AR Rahman is reported to have demanded Rs. 10 crores to work for that film. But producer DVV Danayya can’t figure out what to do with Rs.10 crores for a piece of music. Actually he is working as the producer of this movie. In any case, the demand of Rs. 10 crores is too much now in the industry.

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