Anupama in a saree

By iittm Editor August 23, 2023 10:57 AM IST

Malayalam beauty Anupama Parameswaran is making waves with her beauty. Recently, this lady made a noise in saree. This beauty flaunts her curvaceous waist in a silk saree. She turned up the heat with curly hair showing off her waistline. Pulling the saree down a bit and highlighting the waist made the boy sleepless.

Her followers, who enjoyed the feast of beauty of this cutie, were overwhelmed with likes and comments. Anupama photos are going viral now. Guys are going crazy after seeing these photos. People are praising what a beauty. They are making comments saying that it is anupama sir.

When it comes to Anupama movies, this Bhama has scored back to back hits with Karthikeya-2 and 18 Pages. Currently the cart is driving a bit slowly. Recently, this beauty is acting in the movie Tillu Square. Anupama look related to this movie.. Recently a song was also released. It seems that this Mallu beauty will do a huge beauty show in this movie.

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