Anchor Omkar who fell in love with the singer and couldn’t marry.. the reason..?

By iittm Editor August 15, 2023 11:34 AM IST

Even the heroes who act in movies have the same fan following.. Some anchors who act on television also have the same fan following.. Once the anchor Omkar who was popular on television with a game show is known to the audience in two Telugu states.. Omkar gained good popularity with the word Annayya in this show. There is no need to talk about Omkar’s craze at that time.. On par with the star heroes, he got a good fan following on the screen.

On the one hand, he is producing some movies and getting blockbuster successes.. Recently, a news about Omkar is going viral.. That is, Omkar shares very little family matters. But many people are already doubting whether Omkar is married or not.. In this order, the news that is going viral on social media is that Omkar is in love with a famous singer..

But the news is heard on social media from the last two days that he wanted to marry her, but what happened after that, but the singer was in love with another boy and did not accept the proposal.. But in the past, the singer also came to a show hosted by Omkar.. then he opened his mind. Even though he proposed on the show, it is reported that the singer married someone else and settled down in life within a few days. And we need to know how much truth is in this.

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