Anasuya’s video of Boruna crying on Instagram.. What actually happened?

By iittm Editor August 19, 2023 4:27 PM IST

Generally, it is known that Anasuya makes various posts on social media. But every post gets thousands of comments. She doesn’t care much about them. Recently, Anasuya posted a video on Instagram where she was crying. It was written like this. I will share everything with everyone. Experiencing severe emotional distress. I hope you are all in good health and in good spirits.

Essentially the purpose of this post is.. “All the photos, photo suits, candids, smiles, laughs, dances, strong counters, comebacks, etc. are part of my life. I’m not that strong.. I’m weak. There are breakdowns. I want you to know them too,” she posted on Instagram. I wanted to inform you about this a week ago. But now it is written as informed. Netizens are commenting in various ways on Anasuya’s post. Are there any personal problems? Whether there are any problems in the industry remains to be seen.

Watch the video of Anasuya crying here.

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