Anasuya looks like a doll in a golden color saree.. the photos are viral

By iittm Editor September 2, 2023 11:05 AM IST

Anasuya started her journey on the silver screen and is now showing her mettle on the silver screen. While doing heroine oriented films on one hand, on the other hand she is pleasing the audience by acting in key roles in superhero films. That is how Rangammatta and Dakshayani’s characters came about. Anasuya’s performance in these roles has left the audience in awe. While making noise on the silver screen, it is also seen on the big screen.

It is not all the noise of jealousy on social media. This beauty creates a sensation with her photos and occasionally with her posts. Nettinta often gets trolled while sharing her views. Recently, Anasuya did the latest photo shoot. Anasuya looks like a doll in golden color saree. These photos are now going viral.

After seeing these photos, netizens are commenting that Anasuya is gold. Guys are falling in love with Anasuya’s traditional look. Some are making comments saying how good it would be if you were always full like this.


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