Anasuya clarity on the video where she was seen crying

By iittm Editor August 19, 2023 8:18 PM IST

Popular TV anchor Anasuya said that you have misunderstood my video. Coming to the actual matter, the video of TV anchor Anasuya crying is currently going viral on social media. What happened to the envy of the netizens who missed it? They made comments saying why are you crying like that. Some people are commenting that the bad comments coming on her must have hurt her heart and that’s why she cried. All these comments reached Anasuya and she shared another video. In that video, she gave clarity on why she had to play. She said in this video.. Many people misunderstood the video I shared while crying.

Anasuya Bharadwaj shares a video of her breaking down: I am vulnerable but… - India Today

They think that I cried because of the trolling and bad comments coming on me. But I didn’t cry. At that time I had to take a decision. It hurt a lot. That’s why I made that video to share my feelings with you. I have also explained it in the side note. Didn’t you read that note? However, I am not the type to cry when I have a problem. An angry type. A defiant type anyway. You misunderstood my video. Anasuya said.

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