Amrita Pranay to enter movies?

By iittm Editor August 27, 2023 3:27 PM IST

AAlmost everyone knows how much of a sensation the honor killing of Mr. Pranay created in the two states. The whole society reacted to the injustice done to them. According to the latest information, there is a talk that Amrita will enter films. Recently, as part of Bedurulanka 2012 movie promotions, she posted a video of her dancing with hero Karthikeya on Instagram.

A dance called “Vennello Adapilla.. Kavvanche Kannepilla” is currently going viral on social media. This dance done in a very romantic angle is impressing everyone. But different comments are heard from everyone who has seen this video. Comments are being heard that Pranay has been forgotten… she will enter films. On the other hand, Shivajyoti of Bigg Boss fame is also aAppreciating Pranay’s performance, Mrita shared fire and love emojis. It is known that Amrita is already active on social media. With this, Amrita Pranay, who has focused on entering films, is reported to be in touch with the film industry. Looking at the videos that Amrita posts on Instagram, it seems that she is confirmed to be in the movies soon.

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