American actress apologized to Ram Charan

By iittm Editor February 26, 2023 7:26 AM IST

With the movie RRR, megapower star Ram Charan’s craze has reached Hollywood. Charan has become a pan-world star, not just a pan-Indian star. Recently, Charan participated in the award ceremony of the Hollywood Critics Association. American actress Tig Notaro apologized to Charan in the latest ceremony held in California. He said he did not know how to pronounce Charan’s name.

Charan participated as the award presenter in this ceremony which was anchored by Tig Notaro. He presented the Best Voice/Motion Capture award along with Hollywood actress Anjali Bhimani. However, in the process of calling Ram Charan up on the stage, Tig Notaro said that he did not know how to pronounce the word Charan, saying, “Ram, the international film superstar who got success with RRR”. The team behind the stage helped and said it was Charan. He immediately went to Ramcharan and apologized.

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