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By iittm Editor February 24, 2023 8:38 AM IST

People are trying their best to know what is happening in the lives of celebrities. They are looking into their nuts. They are taking photos and videos with cameras and disturbing their privacy.

After all, everyone has a personal life. From the common man to the actors who shine in front of the camera… to the players who excel on the field… everyone has their own personal life. If not, the fans show some interest to know about the celebrities. But that is missing the point. Some cross the limits and hang on to their person’s past lives. They are putting cameras in the nut house. How correct is this? That is why the celebrity world is expressing strong objection. It is questioning what constitutes piracy of privacy.

We are human beings.. our lives are.. privacy please..!! This is the latest slogan received by celebrities. There is a big debate on social media about privacy after it came to light that Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt was secretly shot at her home. Photographers are doing overaction. The celebrity world was outraged by taking photos without permission.

Alia Bhatt is furious about taking pictures while she is alone at home. She responded seriously on Instagram. Are you playing with me? I am in my house. While sitting in the living room at noon and enjoying watching something.. from the terrace of the building next to me.. I noticed photographers pointing their camera towards me. Is this accepted anywhere? It is a complete invasion of one’s privacy. Alia Bhatt posted that she has behaved beyond the limits. Also, Aliabhat complained to the Mumbai police about the overaction of the photographers.

Celebrities are showing support for Alia Bhatt’s Instagram post. He expressed his grief that he also faced such experiences. He said that some people took photos without his knowledge even if he was in the gym or out. Alia Bhatt posted this post tagging Mumbai Police.. This post is going viral now. Many celebrities are responding to this. Posts are being made in support of Alia. This is a very offensive action. I have faced this situation many times. Janhvi Kapoor recalled past experiences saying that they took photos without my knowledge.

Same is the case with Kohli and Anushka’s daughter Vamika

Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma called it completely shameful. He expressed his grief that the same thing happened in the case of his daughter Vamika. It is alleged that no matter how much they requested not to take pictures, they finally took pictures and posted them. Apart from that, Virat Kohli shot a hotel room video and posted it on social media. Kohli and Anushka’s couple was furious over this too. How correct is this, she asked.

Along with them, Bollywood celebrities including Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar, Shaheen Bhatt are also expressing anger over this incident. Here in Tollywood too, many have acted to disturb many celebrities. There have been many incidents like jumping for selfies and taking pictures without permission. He also responded seriously to such things. Some cameramen and netizens behave beyond the limits because of their desire to be special. There is talk that all their sons will get a bad name. In the past, starting with Aishwarya Rai’s daughter, Kareena’s children, Dhoni’s daughter, Virat’s daughter, the camera eyes looked for everyone. There is also an argument that some overdoing it has become a problem here.

At the same time, another argument also surfaced on social media. When they come to film promotions and public events, they pose in scantily clad clothes. When they go on holiday trips, they post pictures with half clothes. Again, the same celebrities are careful not to show their children in front of the media. Netizens are criticizing that celebrities are behaving differently in each case.

In any case, celebrities are strongly objecting to their privacy being hacked. Even after saying no, why are some still acting? Questions are also coming that social media is also responsible for these acts.. Either way.. These are bad batch acts who want their videos and photos to go viral on social media.

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