Akkineni is the hero who is secretly working with his ex-wife..!!

By iittm Editor September 9, 2023 11:28 AM IST

Everyone knows Akkineni Sumanth who came from Akkineni’s family as a hero in Tollywood.. It has been many years since he entered the industry as Akkineni’s nephew.. Sumanth has not been able to earn a name as a star hero.. So lately he has been getting good success by acting as a character artist in many films. He acted in films like Seetharam and Sir and received good craze. Recently something about Sumanth is going viral.

It is a well-known fact that Sumanth’s ex-wife’s first love was heroine Keerthy Reddy. She got married in 2004. However, the couple, who were very close to each other after marriage, got separated after two years due to differences between the two. It can be said that Sumanth’s film career was completely destroyed after the divorce. He was spending most of his time at home due to lack of opportunities.. It was reported that he was in the depression of divorce.

After that, Sumanth slowly came out of them. Sumanth’s ex-wife Keerthi Reddy got married to someone else after divorce and had children. In an interview, Sumanth spoke about his ex-wife’s divorce. Talking about his ex-wife.. The family members of the person he married secondly are also very good.. Keerti Reddy and I are still friends even though we have separated, Keerti Reddy and I talk on the phone every day. Also informed that they will be chatting. Everyone is surprised to know this.

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