Akira is the son of Pawan Kalyan who joined the film school

By iittm Editor August 21, 2023 7:24 PM IST

Pawan’s fans are singing songs that the morning that has been waiting for so many years.. It happened today. Why.. you say..? And how many years have fans been waiting for the arrival of Pawan’s successor? That moment has come. That is.. he is not starting the film now.. but he joined the film school to improve his acting skills. There is a reason why it should be said so much. Although Akira Nandan is Pawan’s heir.. Akira is growing up near his mother Renu Desai. Many times Renu said that Akira doesn’t like movies and now there is no chance of Akira appearing in movies.

Pawan Kalyan: Good news for Pawan fans.. Akhira Nandan in movies.. First movie update is also here - Telugu News |  Pawan Kalyan's Son Akira Nandan Debuts As A Music ...

I am in Norway with the fourth generation descendants. My grandson Karthikeya and Pawan Kalyan’s son Akira Nandan… both of them joined film school in America,” he revealed. To this extent, Raghavendra Rao shared a photo of himself with both of them. Pawan’s son Akira has already shown his talent in many forms. The joy of Pawan’s fans is not all that this mega home boy, who has trained in martial arts and music, has now taken his first step towards films.

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